Effects tab supports whole image quality, light, shadow, bloom and wind settings.

1. Settings

Image Quality: Select whole image quality.

Half FPS: Switch to lower FPS. Useful when you need to reduce CPU usage.

Low FPS for Bone Motion: Turn on to reduce avatar motion’s FPS. Note that this option does not reduce CPU usage.

Light: Color, intensity, and direction of light.

Shadow: Intensity and direction of shadow.

Bloom: Color and intensity of bloom.

Wind: Strength and direction of wind.

2. Hint

Light and shadow has separated orientations, so you can set the light orientation simply for the avatar’s looking, while adjust shadow orientation to show it on the back of the avatar.

Also you can adjust the depth offset and orientation of the shadow to , so that your avatar looks near or far to the screen.

Below is default setting, and example setting to show distance between screen and the character.

Please be aware that some VRM character uses Unlit type shader, to which the light setting has no effect.

For the wind settings:

  1. Please setup VRMSpringBone beforehand, to enable wind-based motion.
  2. Wind feature moves all VRMSpringBone components, so “only hair (not skirt)” like setting is not supported.