VMagicMirror is Available on BOOTH.

Please see License if you are not clear the permitted usage. You can download source code on GitHub.

For v1.8.0 and later, there are two edition, and 4 options to get them.


  • Standard Edition: Basic edition, with almost all feature available.
  • Full Edition: Edition without restriction on hand tracking. Please see next section for detail.

How to get:

  • BOOTH free version: This is Standard Edition, and most basic way to get VMagicMirror.
  • BOOTH boost version: This is Stadard Edition. Please take it as pure donation.
  • BOOTH full version: This is Full Edition. Please see next section for detail.
  • Fanbox: Full Edition is available for each update. Please see next section for detail.

Difference between Standard / Full Edition

v1.8.0 and later version have two editions, Standard Edition and Full Edition.

The only difference between the editions is the behavior during hand tracking.

In Standard Edition, you will see the special post-process effect during image based hand tracking enabled. Full Edition does not have those restriction, so that you can use hand tracking feature completely.

(Left: Standard Edition / Right: Full Edition)

All other features works same in both editions.

In most cases standard edition will be enough for what you need. When you consider to get the full edition, please understand that the price assumes the value of rather the whole software than hand tracking feature itself.

Of course there are additional meaning like sharewere / donation, and they will be powerful motivation for the app maintenance.

Where to get Full Edition

There are 2 options to get full edition.

  • BOOTH full version : Once you get, all future updates are also available.
  • Fanbox paid plan : You can get updates for each version.


  • If you select fanbox option and quit, then further updates are no more available.
  • In both option the update is available at same time. In other words, fanbox is not a way to early access.



  • Windows 10 64bit. Windows 8.1 or previous OS, and 32bit edition might not work.


  • Microphone: Lipsync (viseme) supports physical micrphone and also virtual input. You can use voice changer output as lipsync input.
  • Web camera: Please layout to capture your whole face. No high resolution needed, as VMagicMirror use face image with low resolution (320 x 240).
  • Gamepad: Support XInput style gamepad. XBox controller is a popular one supported. Also you can use DUAL SHOCK 4.
  • iPhone / iPad: Please see External Tracker App for the detail.
  • MIDI Controller: Recommend a controller mainly with key input.

Unsupported Environments

Following environment might leads problem.

  • Old AMD CPU may crash the program on startup.
  • When using old GPU the face texture might not be loaded.

Checked Environments

The developer checks VMagicMirror performance on the following environments. Please contact if there is bug-like performance issue.

1: Desktop PC

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 1080
  • Webcam: C922 Pro Stream Webcam
  • Microphone:
    • Output from VoiceMeeter Banana
    • VT-4 WET (Voice changed VT-4 Output)
    • C922 Pro Stream Webcam

2: Laptop PC(Surface Book 2)

  • Webcam: Embedded front camera
  • Microphone: Embedded microphone

Troubleshoot for First Startup

When you have failed at first startup of the app, please check third party anti-virus is disable and retry to download / install.

Also there can be a case that zip file is corrupted during download. Check readme file attached in zip file if download seems to unsuccessful.

For v2.0.0 and later, author backups file size and MD5 hash for each zip.

  • You can see the file size by opening zip file property on Windows Explorer’s.
  • MD5 hash can be confirmed by opening Command Prompt on zip file’s folder.

Command Example: (change file name according to actual version you have)

certutil -hashfile VMM_v2.0.2_Standard_Installer.zip MD5

File size and MD5 hash values for each versions:

Version Zip File Size (byte) MD5 Hash
v2.0.0 Standard Edition 126,983,144 6610c9b81aa493f02917f68daa275b7d
v2.0.0 Full Edition 127,062,779 b00a734f2548ad0c66025300a0986b6b
v2.0.1 Standard Edition 127,187,092 dc468640e4eb11302a8ca6bcfc83db3e
v2.0.1 Full Edition 127,195,414 8d6ecb6e4d5bb90585f96bd5144b4a5e
v2.0.2 Standard Edition 127,206,743 13976a1d60b585bec32bf3c02f90d4ac
v2.0.2 Full Edition 127,065,845 e5d210852116840bc567c16a22d6b014
v2.0.3 Standard Edition 127,206,042 df9052ef8dd0debccb61d12833943360
v2.0.3 Full Edition 127,038,447 aff91773799f03a97a0ecf538afbf43e