This page introduces advanced settings in VMagicMirror.

For the basic usage, please see Get Started.

Setting Window

VMagicMirror has more features for custom. To access them, click Open Setting Window on Home tab in control panel.


Setting Window consists of 8 tabs.

Tab Name Description
Window Control character window
Face Adjust facial motion setting except External Tracker App.
Motion Adjust character size related parameters and motion scale
Layout Layout of camera and devices, and device based motion setting
Effects Light, shadow, bloom, and wind
Devices Connection settings for gamepad and MIDI controller
Expressions Feature to move the character face and motion
VMC Protocol Receive pose / facial data from VMC Protocol
Hot Key Customize shortcut key input to control settings
Setting Files Advanced features to manage setting files

Advanced Features

Followings are advanced features of VMagicMirror available

Feature What you can
External Tracker App High quality tracking with iOS app (iFacialMocap)
VMC Protocol VMC Protocol based motion and facial
Accessory Load image / 3D model and attach to the avatar
Hand Tracking Web camera based hand tracking
Game Motion Input Game(FPS)-like motion by your avatar
Setting File Management Setting file save/load features

External Tracker

External Tracker App, Accessory and Hand Tracking features are available in the specific tab in control panel.

Setting File Management is mainly about feature available in Home tab.

Game Input is new feature from VMagicMirro v3.1.0. Turn on the feature by opening Streaming tab > Motion > Body Motion Style and select Game Input.

Setting Window: Reset Settings to default

In setting window, many of the setting category supports reset settings by click Reset button at the right of category name.

Below is an example to reset light settings to default.