Exteral Tracker App

VMagicMirror v1.1.0 and later supports external tracking apps to move the avatar.

Currently only iOS application is supported.

Advantage and Limitation

Please check following points about external tracker app.


  • Precise Tracking: Much more precise than VMagicMirror’s webcam based tracking.
  • Less CPU usage: Heavy task of face tracking does not run anymore on PC (, instead iOS device take it).
  • Can Detach Webcam: You can detach webcam if you only use this feature. This will prevent unexpected face exposure to others, when your screen is shared.


If you want to use iOS device, it must be enough new iPhone or iPad, which supports Face ID or has A12 Bionic chip (or newer chip).

Also you have option to use Android device.

Also please be aware of following points.

  • Less Stable: Less stable than conventional webcam based tracking. This is because of the inter-device LAN communication.
  • Risk of Bug by App Update: If iOS application have some update, it maybe lead issue.
  • A Bit Complicated Setup: This feature involve a bit difficult setup, because of inter-device communication.


For the preparetion check following:

  1. PC and the tracking device (iPhone/iPad) are in the same network (LAN).
  2. LAN environment is stable.
  3. There is a iPhone / iPad stand, so that the device can capture your face via front camera.
  4. If you wear glasses put off, or use one with thin frame.

Glasses maybe leads less eye move tracking preciseness, including blink tracking.

How to Setup

Select Ex Tracker tab on the control panel, then turn on Enable External Tracker.

By checking this, VMagicMirror become ready to connect with external apps.

How to Setup each App

Please see per-app specific setup process.

iOS: iFacialMocap

(*This area will be updated when other app supported.)


Help about Android App MeowFace has been removed, since the it seems not work correctly anymore.

Supported Options

  • Apply LipSync using External Tracker Data
  • Disable horizontal flip: Enable to turn off horizontal flip process.\
  • Use Perfect Sync: Enable Perfect Sync. See detail at Perfect Sync Tips.

Apply LipSync using External Tracker Data feature turns off microphone based lipsync, which leads less CPU load on the PC.

There is also another feature that, the external app gets mouth shape by camera, so your motion will be reflected even when your mouth moves silently.

On the other hand, the tracking precision decreases when the device cannot see your mouth (mainly because of mic or hop guard).

In this case turn off Apply LipSync using External Tracker Data to use conventional microphone based lipsync.

Face Switch

Face Switch is a feature to switch avatar’s face by user expression.

Face switch has parameters to setup.

  • Threshold: Select from 10% to 90%, to specify when the face switch is triggered. Higher value means you have to more clear expression.
  • BlendShape: Choose the BlendShape to apply, or select (Do Nothing)(*) as empty selection.
  • Keep LipSync: You can check it for the BlendShape with only eye motion, so the LipSync still work.

*(Do Nothing) indication might incorrect appearance as Japanese expression “(何もしない)”. In this case you can choose (何もしない).

Note that some face expressions are difficult to be recognized.

Also note that, this feature is not an extension of face tracking, but also considerable as shortcut key assignment via your face.

This means irrelevant assignment will be still useful.

For example, you can assign a special face expression for tongue out condition, even if the expression does not include tongue out motion at all.


Word to Motion feature has higher priority. When face switch and Word to Motion input runs simultaneously, then Word to Motion output is applied.

Also v2.0.2 and later version support accessory visibility control during Face Switch is applied.

Check Show Accessory Option to show accessory visibility selection.

See Accessory page for the detail of accessory feature.