Window tab supports BG color when the character window is not transparent, and also can toggle whether the window is always foreground or not.


Background: Set background color by RGB.

BG Image: Set or clear background image.

Transparent Window: Check to make character window transparent. Available in Streaming tab.

(When Transparent) Drag Character: Check to enable drag-based move the character window when transparent. Available in Streaming tab.

Always Foreground: Check to place the character almost always foreground. Checked by default.

Reset Position: Press this button to move character window just right to the control panel window. Use this function when you lost where the character window is.

Virtual Camera Output: Support same menu as Streaming tab. Please see the detail at Tips: Use Virtual Camera.

Transparent Level: Select the character transparency condition from level 0 to 4. Default value is level 2. Level 0 means always NOT transparent, and level 4 makes character always transparent.

Alpha when Transpanrent: Set the transparency when the character is transparent. Higher value means opaque.

NOTE: Schedule of virtual camera feature removal (v1.6.0)

Window tab also supports Virtual Camera feature, but this function will be removed in v1.6.0.

This is because OBS Studio](https://obsproject.com/download) has introduced virtual camera by standard, from version 26.0.

If you want to use VMagicMirror with virtual camera, please consider installing OBS Studio.