This page is about how to control face expression (and a few motions) in VMagicMirror.

This feature is called Word to Motion.


Word to Motion is the function to control avatar’s facial and motion expressions.

Originally this feature supports receiving word input (e.g. “joy”) to emotional expression, but now it also supports several input styles, as you would expect.

  1. Keyboard, word input base
  2. Gamepad, button input
  3. Keyboard, number key
  4. MIDI Controller

The example above shows Device Assignment selected to Gamepad and press Y button to launch fun expression.

You can sort items by up/down buttons at the left of each items, and can delete them by right x button.

To add and custom item, take the following steps.

  1. Press + button to add a new item. If you custom existing item, skip it.
  2. Press Setting button to open the setting.
  3. In the custom window you can setup motion and face blend shape.
  4. Press OK to confirm your custom.

In custom window you can take 4 actions.

  1. Set the word to start this item. If you do not use Keyboard (word) mode, then this work just for the name label.
  2. Select motion type for this item.
    • In v1.5.0 and older version only supports 3 built-in motions. If you do not need any motions and only need facial expression, then select None motion.
    • v1.6.0 and later version supports custom motion import feature. See detail at Use Custom Motion tips.
  3. Face expression setting.
    • Turn on Enable Face Expression check to play some face expression in this item.
    • Duration when Body Motion is None [sec] defines how long the character keep the face.
    • Keep LipSync active enables lipsync during the face expression is applied, for the blendshape without mouth motion.
    • If Keep face after motion is on, then character face does not change after the duration.
  4. Set BlendShapes.
    • NOTE: Basically, set only one blend shape to non-zero, and set other values to zero.


v2.0.2 and later version supports accessory visibility control during the item is played in item edit window.

The accessory is visible during specified motion or facial expression is active.

If you choose MIDI controller for input device, you nees 3 steps to setup. Following tweet show how to setup.

  1. Select Device Assign to MIDI Controller and click edit button at the right of Keys.
  2. You will see MIDI note assign window, so press up to 16 MIDI keys to use. Pressed keys appear on Note to Change column.
  3. After setting click OK to complete setting.

After closing the window, try pressing the same keys to check the input works.


Keyboard (word) in Device Assignment: Please do NOT type special keys like Control/Shift/Alt during input word. When the typing is too slow, the word input is not recognized.

Gamepad in Device Assignment: When you select this option, the gamepad gripping motion is disabled.

Keyboard (num 0-8) in Device Assignment: When you select this option, the typing motion and touch pad motion is ignored.

Keep face after motion in custom window: If you use this option the face expression does not reset automatically, so you should have reset item. In default setting reset item works as you want.