VMagicMirror is a mirror-like software, to reflect yourself as VRM avatar, without any special devices.

3. Settings


Setting Window is available from Open Setting Window on Home tab in control panel.

Setting Window

Setting Window supports detailed customization options.

3.1. Window

Window tab supports BG color when the character window is not transparent, and also can toggle whether the window is always foreground or not.

Character Transparency Support can customize when your character is semitransparent and when is opaque.

In default, the character becomes semitransparent during the mouse pointer is onto the character, so that you character does not disturb what exist behind her/him. You can also change the condition by changing sliding Transparency Level. For example, level 0 means always NOT transparent, which is older version’s behavior.

Note: From v0.8.1, the character position is automatically saved, so when you quit the application and restart, the character will appear at the same place as previous time.

Hint: When you lost where the character is, then turning off Transparent Window and pressing Reset Character Position might be a help.

3.2. Motion

Motion tab can adjust character’s proportion and motion related parameters.

Motion Tab

3.2.1. Face

Upper part is almost the same as Streaming tab in control panel.

Additional check Auto blink during face tracking is on by default, and when it is turned off, you can control eye open and close by image processing.

From v0.9.6 Enable forward / backward motion check is available. Enabling this check maybe cause your avatar motion unstable, so please test if you plan streaming use.

The item Default Fun Blend Shape [%] specifies the default fun expression rate.

As the value increases the character will become always smile, but some character’s facial expression will be unnatural when combined to blink or other face motions. In those cases, decrease the value.

The Eyebrow (Open to Customize) is very advanced section and normally you do not need modify them. However if you have original VRM and want to move the eyebrow, or in case the eyebrow motion is too big or too small.

3.2.2. Arm

Setup how to move the arm.

If you turn off Enable Typing / Mouse Motion, the the avatar stop to react to typing, mouse pointer move, or gamepad input. If you want to set the avatar always simply standing, turn off this checkbox.

Waist width [cm]and Strength to keep upper arm to body [%] are the parameters to keep the elbow close to body(, which is subtle but critical for the cute motion).

Please see the following example of default value, close elbow strongly, and open.

Arm Side Default

Arm Side Close

Arm Side Open

Show Pointer Support toggles whether the circle shaped mouse emphasize indication should be visible or not.

Presentation-like motion scale [%] has effect during Presentation-like hand check is on.

The value should be small when the character is enough small compared to the whole monitor size to avoid the right arm always stretched, or vise versa.

Arm position radius min [cm] helps to avoid arm going into the body, when large value is set. However too large value makes the arm always stretched.

3.2.3. Hand

Parameters about hand or finger length and typing motion.

Check those values when the typing motion is done far from the keyboard, or the hand is too float above the keyboard.

Hint: After setup natural motion, set large value to (Press key) Hand height adjust [cm], which make comical big typing motion.

Large Typing Motion

3.2.4. Wait motion

Wait motion is breathing like motion.

It might be helpful for some characters to show as if (s)he is floating, with large Scale [%] and short Period [sec].

3.3. Layout

In Layout tab you can access to the parameters to adjust surrounding device layout like camera, keyboard, gamepad, etc.

Layout Tab

3.3.1. Camera

Almost same as Camera menu in control panel Streaming tab.

In this panel you can also adjust FOV (Field of View).

3.3.2. Device Layout

Same as Streaming tab in control panel.

Available from v0.9.5.

3.3.3. Keyboard / MIDI

You can change the size and height of the keyboard and mouse pad, along to your character’s scale.

This panel also supports the selection of typing effect, as control panel Streaming tab.

From v0.9.6 MIDI controller setting is also available here.

VMagicMirror uses MIDI input to change avatar face expression.

If you usually use DAW software or other MIDI-controller-required software, then turn off Use MIDI Cotnroler for VMagicMirror, to ensure VMagicMirror does not occupy MIDI devices.

3.3.4. Gamepad

For v0.9.4 or older version, adjust height and size here.

Gamepad has the feature that the character leans by stick input. If you have a gamepad, let’s check it by moving left stick with default setting!

*In v0.9.0, gamepad is always disappeared.


In default the gamepad feature is available, but if you do not use it, and the VMagicMirror performance is not good on your machine, then check off Enable Input Capture on the top of Gamepad menu.

3.4. Effects

Effects tab supports light, shadow, bloom and wind settings.

Light and shadow has separated orientations, so you can set the light orientation simply for the avatar’s looking, while adjust shadow orientation to show it on the back of the avatar.

Also you can adjust the depth offset and orientation of the shadow to , so that your avatar looks near or far to the screen.

Default setting :

Default Depth Shadow

Example to show distance between screen and the character :

Default Depth Shadow

NOTE: Please be aware that some VRM character uses Unlit type shader, to which the light setting has no effect.

For the wind settings:

3.5. Word to Motion

From v0.9.0 Word to Motion is supported. Word to Motion is the function to receive word input to change the character’s face expression or start built-in motion.

Word to Motion Tab

This feature sometimes make your avatar unnatural. In those case, please turn off Enable Word to Motion check.

Word to Motion consists of word items to define what word to react, and how to react to the word.

You can test how each item work by typing word, or press Play button at the left of each item. For example, the above picture shows the case after typing “joy”.

NOTE: During typing those word, please be careful NOT to insert any control key (Shift, Control, Alt, etc.). Also there are cases the word is not recognized for the too slow typing.

From v0.9.1, gamepad is also supported. Turn on Use gamepad as launcher and press buttons in left column to start motion or face expression.

Word to Motion by Gamepad

The example above shows starting fun expression by Y button.

NOTE: Use gamepad as launcher disables gamepad based hand motion. If you prefer to use VMagicMirror for game play streaming, please turn off Use gamepad as launcher.

Up and Down supports re-order of items. Delete button at the right side removes selected item.

You can add and custom the word and reaction for the word by 4 steps.

Word to Motion Custom

Custom window interface is as following.

Word to Motion Custom Window

From v0.9.6, you can also use MIDI controller for input device.

There are 3 steps to use MIDI controller to launch expressions.


After closing the window, test to press the same notes to check the mapping.


When you use the expression with Keep face after motion option you will need reset motion.

Reset item will be like following, which has all-zero face expression with very short duration.

How to Reset Keep Face

3.6. Reset Settings to default

v0.9.2 or later version support to reset each settings, by clicking Reset button at the top on almost every category in setting window.

Below is an example to reset light settings to default.

Reset Setting 1

Reset Setting 2