VMagicMirror is a mirror-like software, to reflect yourself as VRM avatar, without any special devices.

4. Troubleshooting


4.1. Cannot click control panel or other application near to the character

Try to click and drag, and see if the character moves.

If the character moves, then move (s)he to far from the application you want to access, and then retry.

If the problem happens many times, then adjust the position and check off (When Transparent) Drag character in Streaming tab on control panel.

Please see 2: Getting Started > “2.3.1. Window” also.

4.2. VMagicMirror stops soon after started

Setting file might be broken in this case, so please try to reset the settings.

4.3. Too high CPU usage

When you are using v0.8.0 or older, set Graphics Quality to High when starting VMagicMirror.

WARN: In v0.8.0, some machine with Medium or lower setting drastically increases CPU usage. It is a known issue.

If the CPU usage continues to be high, then disable lip sync and face tracking on Streaming tab on control panel.

If you do not use game pad, then:

4.4. Eyes do not move by mouse pointer

It is by specification, for some game software (please see detail in note).

Using fixed eye motion might improve appearance.

note: Cause of the trouble is as following.

Some game runs program to move mouse position to the center of game window.

(FPS games need this type of program to support mouse-based camera control without getting unexpected mouse position.)

It results the fixed mouse position and eye / head position of character, even if you are moving mouse physically.

One example of the popular software which leads the trouble is VRChat Desktop Mode.

If you put on glasses, try without them.

Some frame with thick frame prevents face tracking system.

If not, please check following points to help face tracking system.

Showing entire face helps eye blink tracking, because face tracking system finds your face by detecting your whole face landmark points (including mouth, eyebrows, and of course eyes).

4.6. After loading VRM character window seems disappear

This issue might happen when you have changed display resolution or placement.

In this case, you can reset the window position.

If you still have trouble, then please try the way in 4.2. VMagicMirror stops soon after started.

4.7. Character position is not correct when starting VMagicMirror

Known issue in v0.8.1 and fixed in newer versions.

4.8. Nothing happens after select .vrm on Load VRM

Security software can be the cause of this issue, as VMagicMirror operates interprocess communication between character window and control panel.

Please try to disable the security software in this case.

As far as the creator knows, COMODO Internet Security leads this issue, but it is just an example.

4.9. Shadow looks not good

If your trouble does not match above cases, then quality setting may be a help (however CPU usage increases).

The quality setting above is saved and also used from next startup.

4.10. Want to hide the circle mark around the mouse pointer during Presentation-like hand is on

This is a new feature in v0.8.6.

In the setting window Motion tab, see Arm and turn off Show Pointer Support to hide the mark.

4.11. VMagicMirror crashed after removing game controller

VMagicMirror might crash if you unplug the game controller during VMagicMirror is active.

Please restart VMagicMirror to recover. If VMagicMirror repeats to crash, then please reboot PC.

4.12. When using v0.9.3, VMagicMirror control panel window does not appear

This issue happens in specific PC environment, but the cause is not clear yet.

If you encounter this issue, please consider to use v0.9.2 instead.

4.13. When using v0.9.3, mouse sensitibity decreases

This issue happens in specific PC environment, but the cause is not clear yet.

If you encounter this issue, please consider to use v0.9.2 instead.