VMagicMirror is a mirror-like software, to reflect yourself as VRM avatar, without any special devices.

2: Getting Started


2.1. Start and Exit VMagicMirror

VMagicMirror.exe is main .exe file of VMagicMirror.

When you start the application you will see “Control Panel” with GUI and “Character Window”, where the character will appear.

Start Image

When you close one of control panel or character window, then the other window will automatically close and VMagicMirror shuts down.

Instead, the control panel can be minimized during you do not need it.

2.2. Load Character

In the control panel Home tab, select Load VRM button to select .vrm file on your PC.

Load VRM

After you selected the character the license will be shown.

Load Confirmation

NOTE: If you cannot see the license and you are using some security software, please retry after disabling them.

After the confirmation and OK, then the character will appear and react to your mouse and keyboard input.

If you want to use the same character every time, check Load current VRM on next startup.

After Loaded

Hint: If your character and keyboard / mouse layout do not match, do not worry. First you can use Adjust size by VRM button to fix camera positions and keyboard / mouse pad positions.

Not Adjusted Layout

After Adjusted

Also you can see about more detailed customize in section 3: Settings.

2.3. Streaming

From Streaming tab in control panel, you can access to all main features in VMagicMirror.

After loading VRM please try them.

Streaming Tab

2.3.1. Window

Check on Window > Transparent Window then the character window’s background becomes transparent. It is good to use VMagicMirror normally in this state.

Transparent Background

After setup transparent background, then confirm to check (When Transparent) Drag the character. You can left-click and drag the character during the check is on.

Transparent Background

However the Drag the character check might prevent your mouse input.

So, please check off (When Transparent) Drag the character after you have moved the character to the position you like.

Transparent BG can click

2.3.2. Face

Face can setup your VRM’s face expressions.

Face Streaming


Check on LipSync and select microphone device, then lipsync is available.

Track Face

Check on Track Face and select camera to enable face tracking.

If your face is not at the center for the web camera, or you are too near/far to the camera, the character indication might be unnatural. In this case, click Calibrate position to adjust.

Hint: When you use v0.9.3 or older version, and if your character have always closing eye, try to close your eye halfly and Calibrate position, then the character tends to open eyes. Similarly, when your character always look downward then look down and Calibrate position to adjust.

Eye Look Target

In default, VMagicMirror setup makes character to look at mouse.

This motion is suited for working streaming or presentation, but you might needs other type of motions.

2.3.3. Word To Motion

“Word to Motion” is the feature to support motion and face expression with your custom, and you can test its default expression set here.

Test by typing “joy” with default setting.

Please see the detail at “3.5. Word to Motion” in 3: Settings.

Word to Motion

You can change Device Assign and test what it works.

NOTE: If you select keyboard or gamepad for Assign device for this function, then the character ignores the selected device as arm motion input.

For example, if you select keyboard the character stops typing motion. The following concept will help which one you should use.

2.3.4. View

Toggle Keyboard, Gamepad or Avatar's Shadow to show and hide them.

Keyboard Visible

Keyboard Hidden

*In v0.9.0-v0.9.4, gamepad is always disappeared.

Hint: If the shadow looks not good, please refer to 4: Troubleshooting and see “4.9. Shadow looks not good”. If this troubleshooting does not work well, please disable shadow.

Typing Effect is enabled when you select text option at the center, or light at the right.

Typing Effect

2.3.5. Camera

This “Camera” means eyesight on the character window.

You can set the camera to see the character from any direction you want, by Free Camera Mode.

Before using this feature, disable Window > Transparent Window temporary.

Check on Free Camera Mode and click character window.

Then, during the character window is active, you can move the camera by following inputs.

Free Camera Mode

When you lost the character in window or you want to reset, click Reset Position.

After adjusting the camera check on Transparent Window again.

Similar to Drag character, the Free Camera Mode may leads wrong operation to change the camera position, so please check off Free Camera Mode after finishing the adjust.

After Free Camera Mode

From v0.9.4, camera quick save / load is supported.

Setup the view by Free Camera Mode, and click one of [1], [2], or [3] button to save the camera setting. After saving, you can load them by Quick Load buttons.

Camera Quick Save

Hint: Actually you can set camera position with transparent window also.

Note: If you follow the way above, the character might be partially cut off by going out to character window. If you lost the character and want to reset, then press Reset Position button, or check off Transparent Window to see what is happening.

2.3.6. Device Layout

This feature is available from v0.9.5.

Turn on Free Layout to enter device free layout mode.

Device Free Layout

When enter this mode Transparent Window is turned off.

During this mode, character window shows UI on the top-left.

Reset can recover the standard layout.

2.3.7. Motion

Check on Presentation-like hand to move VRM’s right hand as if he / she is on a presentation.

Presentation Mode

This style matches when you have presentation or you want to create instruction video.

When quitting the mode check off Presentation-like hand.

Hint: Detail is in Tips B: VMagicMirror for Presentation.

2.3.8. Screenshot


Press Take button to start 3 second count down, and the screenshot will be captured.

Screenshot is saved to the Screenshots folder in the folder where VMagicMirror.exe exists.

The screenshot is transparent considered image. If you turn on shadow it will be also included. This S

Screenshot Result

2.4. For further customize

You may see some problems about the looking of your VRM.

In this case 3: Settings will solve your problems, so please refer to them.