VMagicMirror is a mirror-like software, to reflect yourself as VRM avatar, without any special devices.

Tips B: VMagicMirror for Presentation


As shown in 2: Getting Started, you can enable presentation like right hand motion by turning on following check box.

This feature is, in short, the feature to point the mouse pointer position by right hand.

You can integrate this feature with presentation in many ways.

In this section there are 3 steps to create presentation with VMagicMirror.

Tips B.1. Check slide layout

We should check the slide layout to avoid conflict with the presentation and the character.

Please keep right-bottom side of the slide blank to put character.

It will be also impressive if it is not blank but a wiped window or some room-like background.

Slide page number also should NOT be at right bottom so move them to left bottom side etc.

You can combinate your character and right top side of the slide.

Though written in Japanese, the following video also will be hints for you.

Tips B.2. VMagicMirror Setup

To adjust the right arm motion:

That’s all! Now you are ready for the presetation.

If you want to do so, check light setting also (from setting window Light tab).

Tips B.3. Presentation

During the presentation move the mouse to control character’s hand motion.

If your tool for the presentation is Microsoft PowerPoint, then right-click over the slide show mode slide then you will see Pointer Option and Laser Pointer like option to switch the mouse pointer appearance. It helps the expression.

Hint: Though it is a bit difficult, try to move the mouse by left hand, and physically points your right arm to slide. As a result, you and the character points the slide at same time (as if your arm motion is captured).